Get Business Reviews Quickly with a Simple Tap

Experience Onetap’s Award-Winning NFC Digital Review Cards, Follow Us Stickers, and Signage Stickers.

Each Onetap Review Card features advanced Tap-to-Share technology for instant smartphone connectivity.

Our personalized NFC items enable effortless data transfer to Apple and Android devices – no apps or subscriptions needed. Simply tap to share.

Get 5-star Ratings in a Flash!

Boosting your following and securing positive Google reviews is now incredibly easy.

OneTap Review is an expert in expanding your audience and facilitating online endorsements, particularly on Google. Our services offer seamless methods for quickly obtaining top-notch feedback from your customers, expanding your social presence, and allowing your clients to act as powerful promoters. The result? A surge in patronage, enhanced visibility on Google, and increased revenue!

Customer feedback is the lifeblood of your business. You interact with your customers on a daily basis. Take the opportunity to gather their valuable opinions.

Often, customers hesitate to leave reviews due to lack of time or confusion about where and how to post them.

Our NFC technology cards make leaving reviews a breeze. With ease of use as the priority, these cards nudge your patrons right to the review page, making it a hassle-free process for them to express their opinions. Our tools aim to make acquiring sincere feedback an everyday occurrence, propelling your business toward new heights of achievement.

Product Features

The ‘Review’ and ‘Follow Us’ cards from our collection are designed using top-quality substances, incorporating cutting-edge Near Field Communication (NFC) and Quick Response (QR) code capabilities.

Your Business’s Prosperity Hinges on Customer Reviews

Easy review process

Our ‘Review’ and ‘Follow Us’ cards make it effortless for customers to provide feedback. With just a quick tap or scan, more people will complete reviews. This simplified process results in more reviews that are essential for your business growth.

Increased Engagement Rates

These tactile review cards serve as physical reminders for people to provide feedback, encouraging more prompt and recurrent interactions. This tangible approach can result in superior engagement levels compared to just digital reminders.

Easy to connect. Simple to control.

Grow Trust in Your Brand

Getting more positive reviews can improve your company’s reputation. Making it easier for customers to leave feedback will likely result in more positive reviews, increasing the confidence customers have in your brand name.

Budget-Friendly Promotional Asset

Every card functions as a streamlined and potent promotional asset, merging cutting-edge tech with physical engagement. This approach offers an economical way to enhance your digital visibility and encourage natural expansion. Garner an endless array of testimonials and audience expansion with a simple touch.


When checking out, enter your business information into the shopping cart. This enables seamless integration of your details into our system, laying the foundation for a flawless experience.

Give your customer the contactless-enabled Google Review card, ready for immediate use. Leveraging cutting-edge NFC tech, they simply hold their phone near the card. Your Google Review page instantly pops up to collect their review.

  • Show your client the Google Review card.
  • With a quick scan or tap, the card’s content is accessed.
  • The Google Review submission form appears on their device.
  • They provide valuable feedback, elevating your online presence. The entire customer journey can be as fast as 4 seconds