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Explore our award-winning collection of digital business review cards, featuring the innovative OneTap Card.

Engineered with state-of-the-art Tap-to-Share NFC technology, each card simplifies the review process, making it instantaneous and effortless. Fully compatible with both Apple and Android devices, our Google Review Tap Cards require no additional apps or subscriptions.

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Secure 5-Star Google Reviews Instantly

Simplify Acquiring Followers and Positive Google Reviews

Enhance your online engagement effortlessly with OneTap Review. Our years of expertise in expanding customer bases and facilitating exceptional online feedback, particularly with Google, set us apart. Utilize our smart OneTap Card, equipped with cutting-edge NFC technology, to quickly collect premium Google reviews and expand your social media following. Empower your customers to amplify your brand, leading to an increase in clientele, a strengthened Google presence, and boosted sales.

Your business flourishes with daily insights from your customers. Embrace every opportunity to engage and capture their valuable feedback using our One Tap Review system.

Overcome Review Barriers

Many customers hesitate to leave reviews due to time constraints or uncertainty about where and how to share them online. Our One Tap Review Cards streamline this process.

Our NFC-enabled review cards make it effortless to guide your customers directly to the review platform. Designed for ease of use, they simplify the feedback process, enabling you to collect genuine reviews more frequently and propel your business to greater success.

Product Features

Crafted with superior materials, our cards integrate cutting-edge NFC and QR code technologies for optimal functionality.

What Customers Have To Say

The success of your business or profile depends

on Smarter Networking

Simplified Feedback Process

Our ‘Review’ and ‘Follow Us’ cards remove the hassle for customers, making their review process smoother. Just a tap or scan ensures more completed reviews.

Increased Engagement Rates

Our cards serve as physical prompts that encourage immediate and repeated customer interactions, often achieving higher engagement rates than digital prompts alone.

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Enhanced Credibility & Trust

Making the review process more accessible boosts your business’s reputation. This ease of use helps you collect more positive feedback, building trust with potential customers.

Cost-effective Marketing Tool

Each tag is a small but powerful marketing tool that blends modern technology with physical interaction. This efficient approach enhances your online presence and supports organic growth.


Input your business details in the Cart during checkout. This ensures flawless integration with our platform, providing an error-free experience.

Hand your customer a contactless Google Review card, powered by advanced NFC technology. Simply by bringing their smartphone near the card, they’ll be directed instantly to your Google Review page to leave feedback.

  • Show your client the Google Review card.
  • With a simple scan or tap, your client can access the card’s contents instantly.
  • The Google Review submission form instantly appears on their device.
  • Customers can leave their valuable feedback in as little as 4 seconds, significantly boosting your online presence.
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