Trustpilot Phone Tag (NFC & QR)

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  • Trustpilot Integration: Crafted to seamlessly integrate with Trustpilot, the Phone Tag is engineered to maximize customer interaction and boost engagement.
  • Customer Feedback: Streamlines and simplifies the process of collecting customer reviews.
  • Strategic Marketing Tool: Integrate the Phone Tag into your comprehensive marketing plan to boost customer reviews on Trustpilot.
  • Compact and Efficient: Compact, robust, and user-friendly design makes the Phone Tag easy to carry and use.
  • Powered by NFC & QR code
  • iOS & Android Compatible
  • Free Delivery
  • One-Time Fee – No hidden costs
  • Pre-programmed & ready to use
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Revolutionize your review process with the innovative Trustpilot Phone Tag. This cutting-edge NFC and QR-enabled device allows customers to seamlessly provide feedback with a simple tap or scan from their smartphone. Say goodbye to cumbersome methods that disrupt the customer experience. Embrace the future of effortless, real-time feedback collection and unlock valuable insights to elevate your brand with the Trustpilot Phone Tag.

The Trustpilot Phone Tag offers universal compatibility, enabling both iOS and Android users to provide feedback effortlessly. This powerful tool helps gather authentic, in-the-moment reactions, crucial for understanding customers and elevating your brand. With same-day delivery and transparent pricing, it eliminates barriers to gaining valuable business insights.

Give your customers a voice and gain actionable data with the Trustpilot Phone Tag. Let it take your review collection into the future today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Trustpilot Phone Tag NFC & QR from OneTapReview?

The Trustpilot Phone Tag NFC & QR streamlines the review process, enabling customers to leave feedback quickly and easily. By utilizing Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and Quick Response (QR) codes, the tag directs users to a business’s Trustpilot review page with a simple tap or scan of their smartphone.

How does the Trustpilot Phone Tag work?

To utilize the Trustpilot Phone Tag NFC & QR, customers merely need to touch their NFC-compatible mobile device against the tag or aim their smartphone camera at the QR code. This simple gesture will immediately transport them to the company’s Trustpilot review page, where they can effortlessly share their invaluable insights and experiences.

Is the Trustpilot Phone Tag compatible with all smartphones?

The QR code works with all smartphones that can scan QR codes, while the NFC function is compatible with most modern NFC-enabled smartphones.

Where can I place these Tags to get the best results?

For optimal results, place the Trustpilot Phone Tag NFC & QR in a prominent, easily accessible location where customers can spot it after completing a transaction or experiencing your service. Popular placement options include near the checkout counter, at the reception desk, or directly next to the product or service provided.

How many reviews can I collect with one Trustpilot Phone Tag?

The Trustpilot Phone Tag has no cap on the number of reviews it can collect. As long as customers can see and access the tag, they can continuously scan and provide feedback without any restrictions. The tag’s functionality does not have an expiration date or a limit on the number of reviews it can gather.



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Sticker – Anti metal with 3m glue backing


35mm diameter

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