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  • Boosted Customer Engagement: Our Google Review Stickers & Signs create a frictionless environment that encourages customers to share valuable feedback, helping you grow your business with ease.
  • Innovation in Customer Feedback: Transform reviews into an engaging, interactive experience with our cutting-edge NFC technology, helping your business stand out and captivate your audience.
  • Versatile Placement: Our sleek, versatile stickers can be placed in various strategic locations, maximizing the chances of customers leaving a review and boosting your online reputation.
  • Visual Appeal: Our stickers boast an eye-catching, visually appealing design that not only serves its purpose but also effectively grabs people’s attention, encouraging more customers to leave reviews.
  • Powered by NFC & QR code
  • iOS & Android Compatible
  • Free Delivery
  • One-Time Fee – No hidden costs
  • Pre-programmed & ready to use
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Transform customer feedback with our NFC Google Review Stickers. A simple tap on these “review us on Google” stickers instantly directs customers to your Google Review page, making the process quick, efficient, and user-friendly. Boost your online presence by encouraging more customers to leave reviews effortlessly.

Designed for universal compatibility, our Google Review Stickers work seamlessly with both iOS and Android devices, ensuring that no customer is left out. With no hidden costs, collecting valuable reviews becomes incredibly accessible and hassle-free. These stickers are perfect for any business looking to boost their online visibility and reputation. Ready to ship and easy to deploy, our NFC Google Review Stickers will revolutionize the way you gather customer feedback. Encourage your satisfied customers to effortlessly share their positive experiences with a simple tap, helping you build a strong online presence and grow your business.

Unleash the power of customer feedback and skyrocket your online ratings with OneTap Review’s groundbreaking Google Review Stickers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Google Review Stickers assist in collecting instant reviews?

With a simple scan or tap, our stickers harness the power of NFC and QR code technology to instantly direct customers to your Google review page, making it easier than ever to collect valuable feedback.

Can I use these signs with any smartphone?

Our Google Review Stickers are designed to work seamlessly with both iOS and Android devices, ensuring that every customer can easily leave a review, regardless of their smartphone’s operating system.

Do I need to pay any extra costs for shipping?

Our Google Review Stickers come with free shipping and absolutely no hidden fees.

How do I use these review us on Google stickers to get reviews?

Simply place our eye-catching stickers in prominent locations where customers can easily spot and scan them, instantly directing them to your Google review page.



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Material Type

Sticker – Anti metal with 3m glue backing


100mm diameter, 60mm diameter

Proximity Marketing Technologies

NFC, QR Code