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  • facebook customer review cards

    Facebook Review Card (NFC Enabled)

    $28.05 $28.05


    • Enhanced Customer Interaction: By leveraging cutting-edge NFC technology, this innovative card creates a seamless and effortless experience for customers to share their thoughts and experiences with your business on Facebook.
    • Increased Brand Visibility: By linking seamlessly with your Facebook business page, the NFC-enabled Facebook Review Card allows customers to effortlessly post reviews that can significantly boost your visibility on the platform.
    • Convenient Access: With the integration of cutting-edge NFC technology, the Facebook Review Card makes it incredibly simple for customers to access your review page.
  • Google review tap card

    Google Review Cards – QR & NFC Google Review Tap Card

    $28.05 $28.05

    Unlock the potential of instant customer feedback with our meticulously designed Tap to Google Review cards. Crafted by industry experts, this innovative tool revolutionizes how your clients interact with your business online. A simple tap on their smartphone transports customers to your Google review page, enabling them to provide genuine 5-star ratings in an unparalleled 5-10-second timeframe.

    Cutting-Edge Features Designed to Elevate Your Business:

    • Direct Customer Engagement: With our state-of-the-art Google Tap Review Cards, your business gains a direct channel to customer opinions. Our carefully crafted process allows customers to provide real-time feedback quickly, enhancing your service quality through priceless insights.
    • Amplify Your Online Presence: Our powerful tool goes beyond simply collecting reviews; it’s a strategic asset designed to amplify your digital presence on Google’s competitive landscape. By generating more reviews, your business benefits from increased visibility, resulting in higher discoverability and customer trust.
    • User-Friendly Technology: By incorporating both QR and NFC technologies, our Google Review Cards create a seamless and effortless review experience for your customers. This hassle-free solution guides users directly to your review page, cultivating a user-friendly atmosphere that encourages positive feedback.
    • Sophisticated and Adaptable Design: Our cards are meticulously designed to blend functionality and visual appeal. Not only are they attractive, but they are also compact and versatile, suitable for various business settings. Whether placed at the checkout counter or presented with the bill at a restaurant, these cards are the ideal companion for any customer touchpoint.
  • google review stand on hotel counter

    Google Review Stands – Tap NFC Review Stand

    $40.24 $40.24

    Introducing our innovative Google Review Stand—your solution for instantly boosting Google reviews. With advanced NFC technology, this streamlined device makes it effortless for customers to leave their feedback. A simple tap is all it takes to enhance your online reputation quickly and efficiently.

    Our sleek, contactless NFC display stands are designed for immediate Google review collection. The eye-catching standee attracts customers, and a clear call-to-action encourages them to leave a review right on the spot.

    Just by approaching the standee with their smartphone, customers can trigger a prompt that takes them straight to your review page. For phones without NFC technology, a QR code offers a straightforward alternative, allowing them to scan and leave a review without needing any extra apps.

    These NFC stands enhance the feedback process by doing away with the need for verbal requests, subtly encouraging customers to leave reviews. NFC and QR code direct links grant easy access to your review form, improving the tactile interaction with the review process.


    • Simplifies Customer Feedback: The Tap NFC Google Review Stands provide a straightforward method for your customers to share feedback on their interactions with your business.
    • Augments Google Presence: Enhancing your business’s online presence on Google, a globally recognized review platform, becomes more accessible by accumulating more reviews.
    • Stylish Yet Functional: The product features a stand design that effortlessly blends into different business settings and is extremely user-friendly.
    • Effortless Connection: Using the card’s NFC technology, customers can instantly navigate to your Google review page by tapping their smartphones.
  • large google review sticker on table

    NFC Google Review Sign – Review Us On Google Sticker



    • Boosted Customer Engagement: Our Google Review Stickers & Signs create a frictionless environment that encourages customers to share valuable feedback, helping you grow your business with ease.
    • Innovation in Customer Feedback: Transform reviews into an engaging, interactive experience with our cutting-edge NFC technology, helping your business stand out and captivate your audience.
    • Versatile Placement: Our sleek, versatile stickers can be placed in various strategic locations, maximizing the chances of customers leaving a review and boosting your online reputation.
    • Visual Appeal: Our stickers boast an eye-catching, visually appealing design that not only serves its purpose but also effectively grabs people’s attention, encouraging more customers to leave reviews.
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  • trustpilot tap review card bg

    Trustpilot Review Card (NFC Enabled)

    $28.05 $28.05


    • Encourages Customer Feedback: The Trustpilot Review Card simplifies the feedback process, allowing customers to easily share their experiences with your business.
    • Greater Trustpilot Visibility: This effective tool not only raises your business’s prominence on Trustpilot but also aids in collecting substantial customer reviews.
    • Simple-to-use: Equipped with NFC technology, a tap is all it takes for customers to be redirected straight to your Trustpilot review page.
    • Sleek Design: The card is not just technologically proficient but is also well-designed, versatile, and can be conveniently used in diverse scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NFC Review Card and how does it work?

The NFC Review Card is a groundbreaking tool from OneTap Review that empowers customers to effortlessly share feedback for your business with just a single tap, leveraging the power of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

Why should I consider using Review Tags for my business?

OneTap Review's innovative Review Tags enable businesses to collect valuable customer feedback instantly and effortlessly. By encouraging more online reviews, these tags help strengthen your company's digital presence and can potentially boost your search engine rankings.

Can I customize my Tap Review Card?

Yes, OneTap Review offers the ability to personalize your Tap Review Card to seamlessly integrate with your brand identity. This customization ensures that customers enjoy a cohesive and consistent experience when interacting with your business across various touchpoints.